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Hardman Johnston Global Advisors LLC

300 Atlantic Street, Suite 601
Stamford, Connecticut 06901
United States
Contact :      
Phone :       866-922-8733
Fax :             203-324-4822
Email :
Web : 

Hardman Johnston Global Advisors LLC Information

Type of organization : Limited Liability Company
Total Assets Managed ($Mil) : $6,103
Tax-Exempt Managed ($Mil) : $4,394
Taxable Assets Managed ($Mil) : $1,709
Year Founded : 1985
Wrap Programs Offered? : No
# of Accounts Managed : 593
In-House Research : %
Carries liability insurance? : Yes
Errors & Omission Insurance? : Yes
Socially Responsible? : No
Minority Owned? : Yes
Wrap Program Description  
In $ Thousands

Hardman Johnston Global Advisors LLC History

Hardman Johnston is an independent, global equity boutique investing in high quality growth companies at value prices. We follow a clear investment philosophy and disciplined process which results in high conviction portfolios designed to deliver superior, long term performance. Our firm has been built around our approach. We are 100% owned by active employees in order to fully align the interests of client and firm. We are global in our coverage to maximize the opportunity set. We are disciplined in our stock selection, and we are focused on in-depth fundamental research. Our investment approach has been consistently applied for over 35 years, and our clients have benefitted from the long-term results. The Firm is committed to remaining independent and 100% owned by active employees. The Firm was founded by Richard Johnston in 1985, with two clients who are still clients today. Cassandra Hardman, CIO of International and Global Strategies, CEO joined in 1997. Cassandra was formerly Managing Director and Principal of PCM International, an affiliate of Prudential Financial, where she managed international equity assets for institutional accounts. Over the years, as the firm grew and developed its capabilities, the senior investment team expanded to include Peter Cummiskey (2004), Henry Woo (2007) and James Pontone (2011). In 2013, the firm hired Jeffrey S. Meyer as President to assume responsibility for all non-investment functions. All of these individuals are shareholders, along with Julie O’Connor (1992), Chief Operating Officer and Nimy Kayala (2004), Director of Portfolio Attribution and Analytics. In 2017, the Firm changed its name to Hardman Johnston Global Advisors LLC to reflect Cassandra’s contributions to the Firm over the past 20 years. In addition, Hardman Johnston Global Advisors was certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) by the Women President’s Educational Organization – NY in March of 2019.

Assets by Client Category Professional Categories
Assets   # of Clients Amount ($Mil)  
Individuals/Trusts :
Limited Partnership :
Foundations :
Unions, Taft-Hartley :
Public :
Others :
Total # of Professional : 30 Analysts : 6
Portfolio Managers : 5 Traders : 2
Client Service : 6 Operation : 11

Hardman Johnston Global Advisors LLC Personnel

Mr.  Hardman Johnston

Data Preparer
Tel : 866-922-8733
Johnston Asset Management was established in 1985 by Richard Johnston, and has managed equity assets since inception. Richard was previously Senior Vice President and Director of Eberstadt Asset Management. When Eberstadt was sold, Richard established Johnston Asset Management, beginning with two of his long-term clients who are still clients today.

Hardman Johnston Global Advisors LLC Product Name

Global Equity:Privately Managed Accounts
International Equity:Privately Managed Accounts
International Equity Developed Markets:Privately Managed Accounts
Emerging Markets:Privately Managed Accounts
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