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Porter Investments, Inc.

Bob Porter

3Q2015 Porter Investments, Inc.

Coventry Capital Inc.

Brian F. Spengemann Sr.,

1Q2015 Coventry Capital Inc.

Darrell & King Investment Counsel, LLC

John M. Wells, CFA
Investment Analyst

4Q2014 Darrell & King Investment Counsel, LLC

Weatherly Asset Management L.P.

Carolyn P. Taylor, President & Founder
Kelli Ruby, CFP

3Q2014 Weatherly Asset Management L.P.

Rosenblum Silverman Sutton Investment Council

Phyllis R. Sutton
President and Principal

2Q2014 Rosenblum Silverman Sutton Investment Council

MPI Investment Management

Bradley C. Smith
Sr. Vice President & Portfolio Manager

1Q2014 MPI Investment Management

Bernzott Capital Advisors

Chief Investment Officer

4Q2013  Bernzott Capital Advisors

Scotia Partners, LLC

Clifford J. Montgomery, CFA
Founder and CEO

3Q2013 Scotia Partners, LLC

Klingenstein, Fields & Co., L.L.C

Jerry P. Getsos
Senior Vice President

2Q2013 Klingenstein, Fields & Co., L.L.C

Century Management

Arnold Van Den Berg
CEO & Co-Chief Investment Officer

1Q2013 Century Management

Wedgewood Partners, Inc.

David A. Rolfe
Chief Investment Officer

4Q2012 Wedgewood Partners, Inc.

First Wilshire Securit. Mgt.

Fred Astman, Chairman
Scott Hood, CEO

3Q2012 First Wilshire Securit. Mgt.

Merit Advisors, Inc.

Donald L. Dillingham,
 Portfolio Manager
& Matthew Spangler,

2Q2012 Merit Advisors, Inc.

MPI Investment Management

David Pequet
President/CEO &
 Senior Portfolio Manager

1Q2012 MPI Investment Management

Weatherly Asset Management L.P.

Carolyn P. Taylor

4Q2011 Weatherly Asset Management L.P.

Good Harbor Financial, LCC

Neil Peplinski, CFA,
Co-Founder & Managing Partner,

3Q2011 Good Harbor Financial, LCC

System Research LLC

Vinay Munikoti
CEO & Managing Member

2Q2011 System Research LLC

Montag & Caldwell, LLC

Ron Canakaris
CFA , Chairman & CIO

1Q2011 Montag & Caldwell, LLC

Metropolitan Capital Strategies

Dave Schombert
President & CIO
Sharon Snow

4Q2010 Metropolitan Capital Strategies

Darrell & King Investment Counsel, LLC

Stewart Darrell

3Q2010 Darrell & King Investment Counsel, LLC

Towle & Co.

J. Ellwood Towle
CEO/Portfolio Manager
Christopher D. Towle
President/Portfolio Manager

2Q2010 Towle & Co.

Cambridge Financial Group

Buck Newsome
President & Managing Director

1Q2010 Cambridge Financial Group

Forward Management, LLC

Randall Coleman, CFA,
Portfolio Manager

4Q2009 Forward Management, LLC

Purcell Advisory Services, LLC

Sondra Purcell,
Principal (Left)

Dan Yeung,
Investment Strategist (Center)

Teri Weigel,
Principal & Chief
Compliance Officer (Right)

3Q2009 Purcell Advisory Services,  LLC

Ashfield Capital Partners, LLC

J. Stephen Lauck, CFA
President & CEO

2Q2009 Ashfield Capital Partners, LLC

James Investment Research, Inc.

Barry R. James, CFA, CIC
President & Portfolio Manager

1Q2009 James Investment Research, Inc.

Empiric Advisors, Inc.

Mark Coffelt
Chief Investment Officer

4Q2008 Empiric Advisors, Inc.

Great Companies, Inc.

Chuck Carnevale
Chief Investment Officer

3Q2008 Great Companies, Inc.

Metropolitan Capital Strategies, LLC

Dave Schombert, President & CIO
Sharon Snow, CEO

2Q2008 Metropolitan Capital Strategies, LLC

Money Management Questionaire

Dave Lawson
President and Chief Operating Officer

1Q2008 Money Management Questionaire

WCM Investment Management

Peter J. Hunkel
Portfolio Manager – Focused Growth International

4Q2007 WCM Investment Management

Oristano Capital

Joe Pickard
Principal and Chief Investment Officer

3Q2007 Oristano Capital

Messner & Smith Investment Management

Kevin J. Dukesherer, CFA
Director of Research/Portfolio Manager

2Q2007 Messner & Smith Investment Management

Snow Capital Management, LP

Richard Snow
Chief Investment Officer

1Q2007 Snow Capital Management, LP

Biondo Investment Advisors

Joseph Biondo, Jr.
Senior Portfolio Manager

4Q2006 Biondo Investment Advisors

Advisory Research, Inc.

Brien M. OBrien
CEO & President

3Q2006 Advisory Research, Inc.

Emerging Growth Management

Michael Jackson
Managing Director

3Q1997 Emerging Growth Management

Voyageur Asset Management

Charles F. Henderson

1Q2001 Voyageur Asset Management

Radnor Capital Management

Maris A. Ogg
President & Chief Investment Officer

1Q1995 Radnor Capital Management

MKG Capital Advisors

Mr. Mark Gaskill
President, CEO & Chief Investment Officer

4Q2004 MKG Capital Advisors

Brandes Investment Advisors

Barry ONeil
Managing Director

4Q1995 Brandes Investment Advisors

Wood Asset Management, Inc.

---- -----

3Q2001 Wood Asset Management, Inc.

VMF Capital Management Inc

David Kaplan
Research Analyst & Portfolio Manager

3Q2002 VMF Capital Management Inc

Uniplan, Inc

Richard Imperiale

3Q1994 Uniplan, Inc

Snow Capital Management LP

Richard Richard

3Q2003 Snow Capital Management LP


Steve Steppe
Partner in Charge & Client Relations

4Q2002 RREEF

Pinnacle Associates LTD

Andrew Reitenbach
Portfolio Manager/Analyst

1Q2006 Pinnacle Associates LTD

Optimum Investment Advisors

jadumont jadumont

2Q2005 Optimum Investment Advisors

New Amsterdam Partners

Michelle Clayman
CFA Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer

1Q2003 New Amsterdam Partners

MPI Investement Management

dave dave

4Q2003 MPI Investement Management

Mench Financial, Inc

Thomas Mench
Chairman, CIO

1Q2002 Mench Financial, Inc

Mastrapasqua & Associates

Frank Mastrapasqua
Chairman & CEO

4Q1997 Mastrapasqua & Associates

Logan Capital Management,Inc.

Rich Buchwad

4Q2001 Logan Capital Management,Inc.

Lighthouse Capital Management

Paul G. Horton
President / Managing Director

3Q2003 Lighthouse Capital Management

Eubel Brady & Suttman, Inc.

William Hazel

3Q2001 Eubel Brady & Suttman, Inc.

Divi-Vest Advisors

R. Brent Byrne
President & CEO

2Q2004 Divi-Vest Advisors

Cambridge Financial Group, Inc

Buck Newsome
President & Managing Director

1Q2004 Cambridge Financial Group, Inc

Balis Lewittes & Coleman Inc.

Mathew Coleman

1Q1998 Balis Lewittes & Coleman Inc.

Bernzott Capital Advisors

Kevin Bernzott
Chairman - CEO

2Q2002 Bernzott Capital  Advisors

Baxter Investement Management

John Baxter

3Q2003 Baxter Investement Management

Al Frank Asset Management

John Buckingham
President, Chief Portfolio Manager

1Q2005 Al Frank Asset Management

Wilson Bennett

Jack Fisher

1Q1996 Wilson Bennett

Wentworth Hauser & Violich

Wentworth Hauser

3Q2000 Wentworth Hauser & Violich

Schreiner Capital Management

Roger Schreiner

3Q1994 Schreiner Capital Management

Rorer Asset Management

James G. Hesser

2Q1995 Rorer Asset Management

PVG Asset Management

Joseph Pecoraro

3Q1993 PVG Asset Management

Private Capital Management

Bruce Sherman
Chaiman, President & Chief Portfolio Manager

4Q2003 Private Capital Management

Polen Capital Management

David M. Polen
President & Chief Executive Officer

3Q2000 Polen Capital Management

Nikko Global Asset Management (USA)

Stanley A. Kirtman
President & Chief Investement Officer

1Q1999 Nikko Global Asset Management (USA)

Newgate Management Associates

George Foot

4Q1994 Newgate Management Associates

Monetary Management Co.

Stevenson Browne

3Q1995 Monetary Management Co.

McHugh Associates Inc

Thomas J. McHugh

4Q1993 McHugh Associates Inc

Lanphier Capital Management, Inc.

Mr. Charles Lanphier
Portfolio Manager

2Q2006 Lanphier Capital Management, Inc.

Leonetti & Associates Inc

Craig T. Johnson
Portfolio Manager

3Q1993 Leonetti & Associates Inc

Kopp Investment Advisors

Lee Kopp

4Q1994 Kopp Investment Advisors

King Investement Advisors

Roger E. King,
Chairman & President

4Q1999 King Investement Advisors

J. W. Burns & Co.

Jim Burns
President & Chief Investment Offiece

2Q1999 J. W. Burns & Co.

Inverness Counsel Inc.

Robert B. Deans III,
Managing Director

1Q1997 Inverness Counsel Inc.

Groh Asset Management

Roger O. Groh

2Q1995 Groh Asset Management

Forstmann-Leff Associates LLC

William F. Harnisch,
President & Chief Executive Officer

1Q2000 Forstmann-Leff Associates LLC

Farrell-Wako Global Investment Management, Inc

James L. Farrell Jr CFA
Chairman & Portfolio Manager

2Q1997 Farrell-Wako Global Investment Management, Inc

Equity Assets Management

Neal Jordan
President & Senior Portfolio Manager

2Q1994 Equity Assets Management

Equitable Asset Management

W. Howard Cammack Jr.,

1Q1996 Equitable Asset Management

Deutsche Bank

Van Schreiber
Managing Director

2Q1994 Deutsche Bank

Coventry Capital Inc.

Brian Spengemann

2Q1998 Coventry Capital Inc.

Cheswick Investment Company, Inc Inc.

Richard R. Cheswick

3Q1998 Cheswick Investment Company, Inc Inc.

Cambridge Equity Advisors Inc

Michael Goldston

1Q1993 Cambridge Equity Advisors Inc

Bennet Lawrence Management, LLC

S. Van Zabdt Schreiber
Managing Member and Chief Portfolio Manager

3Q1996 Bennet Lawrence Management, LLC

BA Capital Mangement

James L. Melcher

2Q1996 BA Capital Mangement

Amerindo Investment Advisors Inc.

Alberto W. Vilar

1Q1995 Amerindo Investment Advisors Inc.

The Abernathy Group

Peter John

1Q2002 The Abernathy Group

1838 Investment Advisors LP

Mathew Peter

4Q1996 1838 Investment Advisors LP
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