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Morgan Stanley Investment Management

1221 Avenue of the Americas 5th Fl
New York, New York 10020
United States
Contact :      Fumiyo Suda
Phone :       (212) 762-4000
Fax :             (212) 762-7401
Email :
Web : 

Morgan Stanley Investment Management Information

Type of organization :
Total Assets Managed ($Mil) : $360,744
Tax-Exempt Managed ($Mil) : $0
Taxable Assets Managed ($Mil) :
Year Founded : 1975
Wrap Programs Offered? : No
# of Accounts Managed : 1026
In-House Research : %
Carries liability insurance? : No
Errors & Omission Insurance? : No
Socially Responsible? : No
Minority Owned? : No
Wrap Program Description  
In $ Thousands

Morgan Stanley Investment Management History

Morgan Stanley represents the union of two firms with strong traditions of financial leadership, Morgan Stanley Group Inc. and Dean Witter, Discover & Co., which merged on May 31, 1997 to form Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (MSDW) & Co. In April 2001, the firm changed its brand name from Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. to Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley is a publicly held company whose shares trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol MWD. In conjunction with the firm name change, the asset management division took a new brand name as well, Morgan Stanley Investment Management. Morgan Stanley Investment Management's investment advisory affiliates include Morgan Stanley Investments LP (formerly Miller Anderson and Sherrerd), Morgan Stanley Investment Advisors Inc., Van Kampen Investments and Morgan Stanley Investment Management Inc. and its non-US affiliates. Morgan Stanley Investment Management Inc. (formerly Morgan Stanley Asset Management Inc.) began in 1975, became a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley Group Inc. in 1980, and registered with the SEC under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 in 1981. Morgan Stanley Investments LP is an investment management limited liability partnership founded in 1969 and was registered with the SEC as an investment advisor in 1974. Morgan Stanley Group Inc. acquired Morgan Stanley Investments LP in January of 1996. Prior to September 2000, Morgan Stanley Investment Management Inc., Morgan Stanley Investments LP, Morgan Stanley Investment Advisors Inc. and Van Kampen Investments operated as individual business units all reporting to Mitch Merin. These businesses are now realigned and operate across core functions while remaining separate legal entities. Under the realignment, we are able to fully leverage the firm's vast complex-wide resources and manage our business with greater efficiency, synergy and flexibility.

Assets by Client Category Professional Categories
Assets   # of Clients Amount ($Mil)  
Individuals/Trusts :
Limited Partnership :
Foundations :
Unions, Taft-Hartley :
Public :
Others :
Total # of Professional : Analysts :
Portfolio Managers : Traders :
Client Service : Operation :

Morgan Stanley Investment Management Personnel

Ms.  Angela Kolacinski

Client Contact
Tel : (212) 762-8437

Mr.  David Gutheil

Marketing Associate
Tel : (610) 940-5114

Ms.  Fumiyo Suda

Marketing Associate
Tel : 212-762-7582

Morgan Stanley Investment Management Product Name

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