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New Amsterdam Partners LLC

475 Park Avenue South
New York, New York 10016
United States
Contact :      Michelle Clayman, CFA
Phone :       212-689-1500
Fax :             212-689-3503
Email :
Web : 

New Amsterdam Partners LLC Information

Type of organization : Other
Total Assets Managed ($Mil) : $528
Tax-Exempt Managed ($Mil) : $227
Taxable Assets Managed ($Mil) : $119
Year Founded : 1986
Wrap Programs Offered? : Yes
# of Accounts Managed : 57
In-House Research : 90 %
Carries liability insurance? : Yes
Errors & Omission Insurance? : Yes
Socially Responsible? : Yes
Minority Owned? : Yes
Wrap Program Description  
In $ Thousands

New Amsterdam Partners LLC History

New Amsterdam Partners LLC was founded in 1986 by Managing Partner, Michelle Clayman CFA, as an independent registered investment advisor. Our firm was registered as an advisor under the Act of 1940 on March 11, 1986. We began managing domestic equity tax-exempt accounts in 1987. New Amsterdam Partners has a diverse range of clients, including Public Funds, Corporate Pensions, Foundations, and Endowments. Historically our firm has specialized in building active equity portfolios for institutional clients.

Assets by Client Category Professional Categories
Assets   # of Clients Amount ($Mil)  
Individuals/Trusts :
Limited Partnership :
Foundations :
Unions, Taft-Hartley :
Public :
Others :
Total # of Professional : 10 Analysts : 2
Portfolio Managers : 2 Traders : 1
Client Service : 2 Operation : 3

New Amsterdam Partners LLC Personnel

Ms.  Michelle Clayman, CFA

Portfolio Manager
Tel : (212) 689 1500
Michelle Clayman, CFA, Managing Partner & Chief Executive Officer is the firm's Chief Investment Officer. Ms. Clayman received a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics in 1975 from Oxford University, England (MA (Oxon) 1979), and an MBA in 1979 from Stanford University, California. In 1983 she became a Chartered Financial Analyst. Prior to founding New Amsterdam Partners in 1986, from 1979 to 1986 Ms. Clayman was at Salomon Brothers where she was a Vice President and Supervisory Analyst in the Equity Research Department. Ms. Clayman has been published in the Financial Analysts Journal; her articles are ?One-Time Charges: Never Having to Say You?re Sorry?? (Sep-Oct 1995), ?Falling in Love Again - Analysts? Estimates and Reality? (Sep-Oct 1994), ?Excellence Revisited? (May-June 1994), and ?In Search of Excellence: The Investor?s Viewpoint? (May-June 1987), all of which have gone into improving our investment process. She is also a frequent speaker at industry conferences, has appeared as a special guest on Louis Rukeyser?s Wall Street Week, and is a frequent commentator on CNBC and CNN Financial News. In addition, Ms. Clayman is a past President of the Society of Quantitative Analysts and is currently on the Society's Council of Advisors. She is a past Chairperson of the Equity Curriculum Committee of the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts (ICFA). Her tenure in this position spanned a 6-year period. Ms. Clayman continues to be actively involved in the ICFA. An active volunteer in her community, Ms. Clayman serves as a Director of Children of Bellevue, a charity providing services to children at New York's Bellevue Hospital. She was a Girl Scout Leader for 17 years and has acted as a Course Director in Finance and Entrepreneurship for the East Harlem Tutorial Program.

Mr.  Nathaniel Paull, CFA

Portfolio Manager
Tel : (212) 689 1500
Nathaniel Paull, CFA, Partner and Senior Portfolio Manager, received a BS in Business Administration magna cum laude from the University of Hartford in 1984 and an MBA from New York University in 1988. From 1987 to 1995, he worked as an Equity Portfolio Manager and Derivative Securities Analyst at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. From 1984 to 1986, he worked as a Financial Analyst for United Technologies Corporation. Mr. Paull has been a conference speaker and has been quoted in a variety of publications. Mr. Paull is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a member of the Association for Investment Management and Research.

Mr.  John  Hingher, CFA

Tel : 212-689-1500
John F. Hingher, CFA, Principal & Senior Equity Analyst, received his B.A. in Business Administration from Villanova University in 1989 and an MBA from Hofstra University in 1993. Prior to joining New Amsterdam Partners in October 2006, Mr. Hingher worked as a buy-side investment analyst for eight years at a family office, high-net worth portfolio management firm Rochdale Investment Management, and at institutional asset manager Capital Management Associates. Mr. Hingher also spent five years as a sell-side equity analyst at Salomon Brothers and Standard & Poor's. Mr. Hingher began his investment career in 1990 as a securities analyst at fundamental financial database provider Market Guide, Inc.

Ms.  Jennifer Jee

Client Contact
Tel : 212 689 1500

New Amsterdam Partners LLC Product Name

Large Cap Active Equity:Privately Managed Accounts
Mid Cap Active Equity:Privately Managed Accounts
Large Cap Socially Responsible Active Equity:Privately Managed Accounts
Small-Mid Cap Active Equity:Privately Managed Accounts
Large Cap Quality Growth Active Equity:Privately Managed Accounts
Mid Cap Growth Socially Responsible Active Equity:Privately Managed Accounts
Mid Cap Value Socially Responsible Active Equity:Privately Managed Accounts
Small-Mid Cap with Gender Lens Active Equity:Privately Managed Accounts
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