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Cadinha & Co., LLC

Pioneer Plaza, 900 Fort Street Mall
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
United States
Contact :      Victor Canto
Phone :       8085239488
Fax :             8085269725
Email :
Web : 

Cadinha & Co., LLC Information

Type of organization : Limited Liability Company
Total Assets Managed ($Mil) : $1,885
Tax-Exempt Managed ($Mil) : $0
Taxable Assets Managed ($Mil) :
Year Founded : 1979
Wrap Programs Offered? : Yes
# of Accounts Managed : 6032
In-House Research : 85 %
Carries liability insurance? : Yes
Errors & Omission Insurance? : Yes
Socially Responsible? : No
Minority Owned? : Yes
Wrap Program Description  
In $ Thousands

Cadinha & Co., LLC History

Harlan J. Cadinha spent the first 11 years of his career at a large brokerage firm. There, he witnessed the inherent conflict between what the firm expected (make lots of trades to generate lots of fees and push products to benefit the firm) and what was in his clients' best interests. Harlan knew there was a better way.

From its very founding in 1979 Cadinha & Company has been different. And this wasn't an easy time to be different or to launch a company. In 1979 inflation was 11%, the price of gold had doubled and the Dow Jones had risen just 33 points for the year. But Harlan had a vision. A vision of a firm that would make investment decisions based on clients' needs. One that would understand macroeconomic trends in order to allocate assets based on where an investment was likely headed, not where it had been. An asset 

Clients stayed; a number are third-generation. And so did advisers; their average tenure is 24 years. Cadinha is one of Hawaii's largest and oldest investment advisers with managed assets over $1.1 billion and clients in 48 states and the District of Columbia. Through managing risk, or in Harlan's words, "staying out of trouble," Cadinha & Company has steadily and strategically built wealth for a discerning client base. A base that we’d like to grow by one more—you.


•Honolulu-based registered investment adviser founded by Harlan J. Cadinha in 1979

•$1.1B in assets under management

•Management and minority-owned

•Investment management team:

•Harlan J. Cadinha, Chairman & Chief Strategist

•Kaleialoha K. Cadinha-Pua`a, President & CEO

•Victor A. Canto, Ph.D., Chief Economist & Managing Director—Global Strategies

•Neil Rose, CFA, Executive Vice President & CIO

•Bradley F. Totherow, CFP, Vice President

•Harlan B. Cadinha, Vice President


•A different, simple and fiduciary approach to institutional investing.

Assets by Client Category Professional Categories
Assets   # of Clients Amount ($Mil)  
Individuals/Trusts :
Limited Partnership :
Foundations :
Unions, Taft-Hartley :
Public :
Others :
Total # of Professional : 12 Analysts : 0
Portfolio Managers : 5 Traders : 2
Client Service : 4 Operation : 3

Cadinha & Co., LLC Personnel

Mr.  Harlan Cadinha

Tel : 808-523-9488

Cadinha & Co., LLC Product Name

Global Portfolio Strategy 60:Privately Managed Accounts
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