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Aperio Group, LLC

Three Harbor Drive Suite 315
Sausalito,  94965
United States
Contact :      Guy Lampard
Phone :       415-339-4300
Fax :             415-339-4301
Email :
Web : 

Aperio Group, LLC Information

Type of organization : Limited Liability Company
Total Assets Managed ($Mil) : $2,473
Tax-Exempt Managed ($Mil) : $13
Taxable Assets Managed ($Mil) : $2,461
Year Founded : 1999
Wrap Programs Offered? : Yes
# of Accounts Managed : 631
In-House Research : 95 %
Carries liability insurance? : No
Errors & Omission Insurance? : Yes
Socially Responsible? : Yes
Minority Owned? : No
Wrap Program Description  
In $ Thousands

Aperio Group, LLC History

In July of 1999 Paul Solli and Patrick Geddes, former CFO and Director of Quantitative Research at Morningstar, joined shortly thereafter by Robert Newman, former Director at BARRA, the leading developer of institutional equity risk management software, developed and began marketing customized and tax efficient index products to high net worth individuals and family offices. After (1) selecting and extensively testing software, (2) developing an integrated portfolio management system to manage and report for after-tax returns, and (3) establishing trading relationships with broker-dealers, Aperio began managing its first tax-managed S&P 500 Index portfolio in August 2000. Aperio has focused exclusively on managing customized index portfolios with an emphasis on after-tax return and meeting specific client driven objectives such as socially responsible (SRI) screening and other criteria. Our fourth partner, Guy Lampard, joined Aperio for marketing and sales in March, 2003 after a 17 year career at Montgomery Securities and Banc of America Securities. In addition to the four partners, Aperio currently has seven full time staff members. The firm manages assets for family offices and high net worth investors directly and through various financial intermediaries. Aperio Group LLC is a California Limited Liability Company owned equally by four partners, Patrick Geddes, Guy Lampard, Robert Newman and Paul Solli.

Assets by Client Category Professional Categories
Assets   # of Clients Amount ($Mil)  
Individuals/Trusts :
Limited Partnership :
Foundations :
Unions, Taft-Hartley :
Public :
Others :
Total # of Professional : 5 Analysts : 0
Portfolio Managers : 3 Traders : 2
Client Service : 5 Operation : 0

Aperio Group, LLC Personnel

Mr.  Frederick Heidler

Data Preparer
Tel : 415.339.4597

Dr.  Alan Cummings

Portfolio Manager
Tel : 415-339-4315
Alan Cummings is a Portfolio Manager and Chief Technology Officer at Aperio Group. Alan is responsible for the design and implementation of the trading, operations, and reporting systems. Alan is a former Senior Software Engineer for National Instruments and Senior Physicist for Honeywell-Measurex. Prior to his professional career, he was a volunteer for the U.S. Peace Corps at the A.D. Patel College, Fiji Islands, where he taught high school math and physics. Alan received his PhD in Physics and Master of Financial Engineering degrees from the University of California, Berkeley.

Mr.  Sandeep Gangadhara

Tel : 415-339-4316
Sandeep Gangadhara is a Portfolio Trading and Analytics Associate. He is responsible for optimizing and trading client portfolios. He also works with clients to analyze the tax effects of portfolio transitions, liquidations and gifting. Prior to joining Aperio Group, Sandeep was a Senior Client Service Manager with Pen-Cal Administrators. Sandeep received his BA in Business Economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Mr.  Ran Leshem

Portfolio Manager
Tel : 415-339-4317
Ran Leshem is Head of Portfolio Management and Operations. He oversees the portfolio management and operations of Aperio’s US, Foreign, and Global products. Ran has extensive expertise in applying quantitative techniques and information technology to complex operational problems. Prior to joining Aperio in 2006, Ran was a Manager, Operating Strategy at the GAP, Inc. At the GAP, Ran managed the development of a store level forecasting system utilizing clustering and data mining algorithms to predict sales based on historical data. Ran received a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, Canada, where he received the Hewlett Packard Award for academic excellence, and his MBA from U.C. Berkeley.

Mr.  Patrick Geddes

General Partner
Tel : 415-339-4313
Patrick Geddes is Aperio Group's Chief Investment Officer and a Partner. Prior to joining Aperio Group, Patrick was the Chief Financial Officer of Morningstar, Inc. Patrick also served on the company's executive committee, overseeing all strategic, policy, and internal investment decisions. Prior to being named CFO, Patrick served as Morningstar's Director of Quantitative Research. He has taught numerous courses in graduate-level finance at the University of California Berkeley Extension. Patrick received his MBA, with Honors, from the University of Chicago.

Mr.  Terence Lau

Tel : 415-339-4314
Terence Lau is a Portfolio Trading and Analytics Associate. He is responsible for optimizing and trading client portfolio. He also works with clients to analyze the tax effects of portfolio transitions, liquidations, and gifting. Prior to joining Aperio Group, Terence was a Senior Client Data Processor with Decimal Inc. and Operations Specialist for Pen-Cal Administrators. Terence received his BS from San Francisco State University.

Aperio Group, LLC Product Name

All Cap Enhanced Index:Index
Large Cap Enhanced Index:Index
Aperio Active Tax Indexing: MSCI ACWI (ADR):Index
Aperio SRI: SRI 3000 (non-taxable/Institutional):Index
Aperio Thematic Beta: MSCI ACWI High Quality:Index
Aperio Thematic Beta: S&P 500 High Quality:Index
Aperio Thematic Beta: S&P 500 High Yield:Index
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